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Our Featured Projects.

Basics in Cognitive Therapy Techniques

Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT) is widely recognized by the youth service and underpins much of the methods used to explore offending behaviour in both young people and adults. This course is aimed at Practitioners, Teachers and Support staff working with young people.

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Social workers & Foster Carer Training

This one Day session is focused on ensuring participants develop a greater awareness of serious youth violence and county lines and local drug dealing.

-Have an improved understanding of drug dealing and serious youth violence

-Identify the reasons young people affiliate with serious youth violence.

​Tailored 121 mentoring programme

12 week programme designed as an intervention to prevent permanent exclusion or reintegration12 weeks programme to support children who might be:


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Community Outreach

Tasks routinely performed by outreach workers include:

  •   Identifying youths’ needs and goals to help the team develop a more comprehensive intervention plan.

  •   Coaching and providing role models for each youth.

  •   Coordinating appropriate crisis responses to project clients following episodes of

    violence in the community.

  •   Providing assistance to families in distress, ranging from accessing basic services to

    helping resolve family conflicts.

  •   Visiting clients who are incarcerated and helping to reconnect them to services when they

    are released from custody.

  •   Resolving conflicts and/or mediating between clients, their families, other youth, and/or


  •   Acting as a liaison between project clients and service providers/schools to facilitate

    client access to services.

  •   Working with clients who are seeking employment, from helping these youth develop

    résumés, to identifying their skills and qualifications, to helping them apply for jobs or

    work with workforce services programs.

Multi Faith Training 

To encourage Faith leaders and community representatives to come together to combat gang violence and radicalisation/extremism within their communities. Assists participants to identify and support those at risk.


This includes eradicating gang violence, sexual exploitation, radicalisation and drug dealing.


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