Violence Has Gone Further Than Glorification, Claims Gwenton Sloley

Gwenton Sloley now government advisor says gang violence has gone further than glorificaiton and instead labels it 'pornographying'.

Gwenton Sloley told Maajid Nawaz that he doesn't accept the term 'ex-gang member' because he doesn't want young people "thinking it's okay".

He said: "It's gone more than glorifying - I use the word 'pornographying' because we've got a lot of people that have never been on the pavements calling themselves gang members."

Speaking on LBC, he said: "It's for people and elders to stop all of that glorifying 'oh yeh, I've lived

that life, don't worry, everyone's gonna survive,' 'cause not everyone's gonna survive.

"A lot of people are gonna end up dead.

"A lot of people are gonna end up in jail.

"People are going to end up with mental health."

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