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About us

Our vision is to create a cohesive social and cultural environment where value is based on ones humanity. Through the facilitation of dynamic and interactive communication Crying Son's will enable services and agencies to reach the previously perceived "unreachable" young people and young adults breakdown the visible and invisible historical walls that have caused division and unrest. Crying Son's ultimate vision is to create a society where unity is fostered based on acknowledging, valuing and appreciating an individuals similarities, differences and uniqueness.

Crying Sons, Aims to help authorities like police, NHS staff, Government, and religious groups enter dialogue with possible at risk people. Crying Son's staff has trained “thousands” of police officers on how to speak to vulnerable young people.

Our Team.

Marie Johnson

Tel: 0168-948-638

Lorraine Alen

Tel: 0168-948-638

Jason Amir
Team Leader

Tel: 0168-948-638

Maryam Tariq
Youth Lead

Tel: 0168-948-638

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