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"Crying Son's staff gave me HOPE after doing 16 years in prion I will live a legal life once released."


"Gwenton deliver a amazing training in my church my son has now turned his back on gangs."

Sister Mayvice

"Felt like I was losing my son before Crying Son's started working with him."


" I now forgive my mum for placing me in care, thanks to Jason I now know my my side."


"Gwenton support my family move after my son was murder, My younger son has now left gangs and in college."


"Gwenton had my back and made sure the council rehoused us out the area after I was stabbed ."

Dean S

"Bobby helped me not get kicked out of school now I'm in uni wish he was still alive to see."


"Wasn't really feeling Jason at first but he stuck with me stopped my going jails now I have a little job in sainsbury's."


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