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Outreach Newsletter. December 2022

Crying Sons

Crying Sons is a charity that has a vision to create a cohesive social and cultural environment where value is based on ones humanity. Crying Sons work with youths and adults who display offending behaviour, training families to be aware of serious youth violence, county lines and local drug dealing. As well as work with faith multi faith leaders and community representatives to combat radicalisation and extremism within their communities. It is vitally important that Outreach are in contact with Crying Sons to provide guidance and assistance when needed to help achieve the milestones created and agreed by both parties. The Outreach team manage this by having 3 virtual and 1 in person meetings per month. Over the past 12 months the Outreach Team have been engaging with the communities across the 12 BCU’s of London. Building trust and confidence, through collaborative working with communities and organisations that would lead to recruiting from the many diverse communities of London to accompany a vision of making the Met as diverse as the community it serves. Building trust and confidence in the communities across London have involved a number of events and conversations that have opened and closed doors. Working with Community Outreach Fund Partners like Crying Sons for the first time give us an opportunity to enter a conversation with the door already open. Having the door open allows Outreach to enter communities that previously had little or zero communication with us. We are continuing the conversation through different voices and gaining feedback on where we can be a better organisation. Mark Nsiah-Boakye - CN Outreach Strategic Lead

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