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Growing up in the sunny climes of Jamaica, Que had what would beconsidered a normal childhood. This was true, until he was separated from his mother at the tender age of eight. From this point on, his life began to unravel.The discovery of a devastating family secret and the subsequent loss of his mother brought about a sudden change in him. Something snapped. He moved to London, a life of crime followed and Que soon became the apprentice of London crime boss, Kat.In his gripping story, Que recounts the events of his life which led to him being shot on his 19th birthday and witnessing first-hand, the birth of the so-called "postcode wars". He lived the kind of life only afforded by celebrities and faced the lonely road of those leaving the streets behind for good. "The most beautiful person to have known defeat. You've known suffering, struggle, and loss, yet you have always found your way out of the depths


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